Custom Printing

Have you noticed the change of name with Hawk Photography?  Hawk Photography added Multimedia to the name because we now offer custom printing!  Order prices vary depending on the style of the material.

What makes Hawk Photography and Multimedia different than well known custom printing companies?

When it comes to pricing, there are many differences that play a factor and end up being beneficial to the customer!  The first difference is that the price is the same no matter how many colors you have.  The method that is used to print these products is different than screen printing, therefore the amount of colors that is used in a design does not affect the price of the product!  The second difference is that there is no minimum on price or amount of product.  Whether you need 100 shirts for a school club or one shirt for yourself, the price per shirt will never go up!

Items that can be printed include:








-And more!

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